Top 3 Types of Gravestone to Choose for Your Loved One

When a person dear to us passes away, it becomes a real tragedy. It is impossible to convey all the pain in words, which sometimes affects us emotionally. But even after his death, he remains in our hearts. To keep his memory, we usually erect a gravestones.

Modern gravestones are made from various materials, and the most popular are granite and marble. Artisans use unique techniques and tools to make reliable, durable, and beautiful products resistant to climatic conditions. Nowadays, there are several types of gravestones. Do you want to know the most common types of gravestone you can choose from? Keep reading to find out.

1. Vertical gravestones

These are undoubtedly the most common types of gravestones. They have upright headstones that have a table style that sits on a granite base. Normally, they are set on a foundation. They do vary in shape and size. Subsequently, carving and engraving give the gravestone elegancy and uniqueness. Special techniques are used to give originality and a finished look. The components used to decorate solely depend on the wishes of a person. The price of this kind of tombstone may vary depending on the dimensions, the material used, and the complexity of the material.

2. Horizontal gravestones

They have a base and a tombstone. Often, they are used for double burial purposes. Horizontal gravestones can be equipped with various artistic elements. Double gravestones are complemented by engraving with birth and death dates, portraits of the deceased, etc. The cost of the product depends on the size and number of artistic elements.

3. Slanted Gravestones

This is a variation on the vertical headstone. The front of the headstone is slightly slanted.

The messaging that can be inscribed on a gravestone includes;

• The deceased’s name

• Loving words like father, sibling, daughter, or friend

• Date of birth and death

• Religious or Philosophical sayings


Using a gravestone to bury your loved one is a proud and dignified way to show that the deceased was loved. Besides, it also shows that he will continue to be remembered.