Two Great Ways to Make A Gravestone Count

When you lose someone you love, there is nothing much you can do for them. However, you can choose a fantastic headstone to make their grave look special. It not only passes a beautiful message to those who did not know the person before their death but also helps you grieve. You can use the following things to express your love and honor to the departed person.

Headstone design

The design of the gravestone shows how much you treasure the departed person. It can be big or small, but the design is what attracts attention. Choose a size, color, or shape for either the front or back of the headstone that reflects the deceased’s life.


The inscription or epitaph says a lot to friends, family, and strangers who will come across the headstone. You can include a poem, a religious quote, or just the name and dates. Just make sure you use words that say enough words to keep the memories of your loved one alive.

You may not be the only person making the choices, so remember to include the others. Be patient with each other as everyone is grieving, and take as many sessions as you need to agree on the best headstone. Remember, the gravestone pays tribute to the departed person’s life, and it’s the last thing you can do for them.